Monday, 18 January 2016

The Narcisissm of The Gadfather

“Great men are not born great, they grow great . . .”
― Mario Puzo,
The Godfather

The first time I encountered The Gadfather (Gad Saad) was right after the Ben Affleck-Sam Harris debacle on Real Time with Bill Maher. He was on the David Pakman show for an interview. He was very reasonable in his analysis of the debate by making a clear distinction between criticising ideas and bigotry towards people. His points were clear, conscise and rational. Gad really destroyed the regressiveness of Ben Affleck and was a real voice of reason.

I then started to watch more of his interviews and his other on Youtube especially his "SAAD Truth" series on his Youtube channel. They were quite interesting especially his expertise in Evolutionary Psychology and how he applied it to his critique of Religion, Social Justice Warriors (SJW's), Feminism etc.

However, no one is perfect or infallible, even The Gadfather.

Some may not like what I am going to write about Gad especially those who would call themselves secular, Atheists, Anti-theist because I am criticising someone who they admire since they agree with what he says on Islam, Regressive Left, Feminism, Social Justice Warriors (SJW's). 

No doubt I would agree with some of what he says on those topics and he is a very intelligent man but I do believe in self-criticism even of supposed "leaders". I dont do this with any malice nor do I intend to just defame The Gadfather.


 Gad Saad's timeline

The problem with The Gadfather is he is abit self obsessed. He wants to be the next Atheist  
superstar on the internet. Initially, I did not have a problem with his self appreciation and his knack for coining terms based on play ons of his name like "The Gadfather", in fact I actually found it amusing though cheesy. But there comes a point where it gets a bit too much. If you look on his timeline all he does is either engage in self appreciation or use old jokes or the same satirical techniques to mock feminists and SJW's.

I will share with you a few examples of what I am talking about. I can't share everything otherwise it will take forever.

Yay! Let's spread reason, 
by making me popular and bringing me more subscribers!

 He could simply have said "please share" but "let's make this go viral"...FUCK OFF! He is begging for attention and popularity. I am not giving that to him.

His plea to the "Gadfellas" to "make this go viral" completely backfired, as you see below it only got five retweets! (well nine but still an underachievement for The Gadfather).

"Saadomized...No, just NO!"

Fuck me! This is nauseating.

He also doesn't seem to realise when a joke turns stale.

I think you get the joke. Yes, we get it Gadfather, trigger warnings are a ridiculous idea but when you use the same exact joke over and over again, it does get stale.

Gad seems to have a low tolerance for taking criticism which is ironic since he lambasts SJW's for running away from debate and criticism by retreating into their safe spaces. 

Awww, look at poor Gad all "triggered", 
retreating into his "safe space"

According to him I am an "obnoxious troll" when my tweets aimed at him were very tame.

Here is another instance of his pettiness.

Remember Gad is someone who is not afraid to be scathing in his critcism towards regressives and SJW's but when someone has the audacity to criticise him back he goes into ultra defense mode where he will call you a "troll" and threaten to block you. He is willing to dish it out insults but unwilling to take it back without retreating into his safe space.

Another thing that disappointed me about Gad was when had Anne Marie Waters of Sharia Watch on his Youtube show. What bothered me wasn't the fact he interviewed Waters, I am for. But it was him giving her such an easy ride. She simply repeated, and was unchallenged in doing so, a load of UKIP propaganda. If she had been espousing "feminism" I'm sure he would have challenged her, to back up her claims. But since she attacks Islam and bashes the left therefore he'll gloss over the awkward stuff around her like advocating muslims be deported as a solution to Islamic extremism.

Again, he is trying to get himself more views and subscribers on his Youtube channel. This time by placating to right wing nutjobs like James Woods and Roseanne Barr. The people he mentions are right wing nutjobs, of course they aren't going to be regressive left.

The way he defends himself when he gets criticised is rather confusing and incoherent.

Boy does he drone on! I admire people who are contrarians but just because you "challenge orthodoxy" or bash the "regressives" doesn't always mean people have to take you seriously. James Woods is a nutcase who tweets crazy nonsense. For the sake of getting more Youtube subscribers and pushing his obscure catchphrases  Gad is just sucking onto right wing nuts who he is not going to be critical towards because they have a common enemy. I do hope that when he does have his interview with James Woods or Roseanne Barr that it is actually an interesting conversation where they both challenge each other and not yet another session of bash SJW's and Feminist because in all honesty that it is getting quite stale. Maybe I watch too much of The Gadfather.

Perhaps the most embarrassing thing about our lovely Gadfather is his campaign on Twitter to popularise his newly coined hashtag "#TheOstrichBrigade". This term is basically synonymous with "Regressive Left". Gad seemingly inspired by how popular the term "Regressive Left" has become wants to create his own term in order to boost his hits on social media.

"The Ostrich Brigade" is so cheesy, cringeworthy and rather Saad! I always see people in academia and politics who have this urge to coin new terms even if it's bad or makes no sense. This reeks of arrogance and self eng It's the type of thing that I would come up with not a Professor of Evolutionary Psychology.

In summary, Gad Saad for all his intelligence which I admire desperately wants to be original and increase his subscriber base but he says the same things as others just with different words and will uncrtically placate to right wing nutjobs for the sake of popularity. If you challenge him on anything he gets all "triggered", then blocks you in order to retreat into his safe space and echo chamber. Again, I'm not trying to be an "obnoxious troll", Gad certainly has valid opinions but unfortunately of late he's starting sound like a narcisisst and a broken record playing the same song in the same exact way and he doesn't seem to realise it at all.

I invite our dear Gadfather (and his Gadfellas) to consider some of the issues I raise. I think it will be an offer he can't refuse. ;)



  1. Yes. He's a very clever chap, but the way he's perpetually high-fiving himself is more than slightly off-putting.

  2. His tireless self promotion and ingratiation has got him noticed by some heavy hitters but it's a matter of time before they realise this arrogant emperor has no clothes. If James Woods is non-regressive left I'd love to know what Mussolini was in that twat's books! Great article but I disagree on one point - he really is not that clever at all

  3. like this, even though i like GS, like hearing another perspective

  4. The guy has become insufferable. I was one of his early followers when had few youtube subscribers and twitter followers and I really liked the content he was putting out. But as he gets more attention his ego grows bigger and I recently unfollowed him from all social platforms.

    He, of all people, gets offended when people criticise him, has zero tolerance for different opinions, makes the same jokes every day and I actually think some of his criticism towards Islam comes from a place of bigotry.

    1. Interesting Ivan, what makes you think some of his criticism of Islam comes from a place of bigotry?

    2. I can't judge yet, but his reply to FunjabiAtheist seemed rather evasive.

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  7. Great article.I'm curious have you heard of Lalo Dagach? He's another shameless self-promoter, though nowhere near Gads level.

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    2. Lalo is living dangerously for those beliefs, to call him a shameless self promoter is unfair in my opinion. He may just self promote himself into an apostates death. Think about that for a minute, before you judge others.

    3. Yeah he's living soo dangerously he now has his own show.

  8. In Gads defense he is trying to open up academia to public interaction, more power to him.

  9. In Gads defense he is trying to open up academia to public interaction, more power to him.

  10. Have you seen Chrisiousity's video response to him?

  11. I only recently started watching more of his stuff. I agree with your post. I also find him wrongly cynical at times.

  12. The thing about the anti-PC "logic and reason" crowd is that they've pretty much gone full circle and become politically correct themselves. That is why you have people like Saad who can spew any contradictory nonsense they like without ever being called out on it by their followers. They've made the critique of political correctness into a rhetorical defense mechanism against criticism of their own dogmatism. Saad cannot be wrong because he's an idol of political incorrectness. This stance is the furthest away from "logic and reason" it is possible to get but is somehow considered the hallmark of exactly those things by self-proclaimed "rationals."

    I've followed the discussion on "PC" for a very long time and it just never stops to amaze me how few people seem to understand the self-contradictory nature of much of anti-PC rhetoric out there. The people who most rail against what they see as the culture of political correctness seem to be those who are most eager to cram their own views down others' throats, and the most easily offended and emotionally defensive in the face of criticism of those views. This is why I always get alert whenever someone mentions the topic of political correctness. I try to see if the criticism comes from a place of intellectual honesty, or from some ideological place the critic would rather hide by projecting it outwards.

    It may interest you that Saad just uploaded a video on his YouTube about the "narcissism of celebrities." You can probably guess that it is in response to the speech which Meryl Streep gave at the Golden Globes criticizing Donald Trump.

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  14. He blocked me off of his Facebook page after I posted this link to his page.

    Proved your point perfectly. He's as thin-skinned as another narcissist I know.

    I wonder who?

    Any criticism and he loses it. Pathetic and hypocritical.

  15. Hit the nail squarely on the head. I hope it doesn't make the nail Saad...

  16. Great commentary, I totally agree Gaad is very thinned skinned and unfunny. He also himself has a massive victim complex which he rails against. He does seem to have a large ego as well, he's not a bad dude overall he's just too far up his own ass.

  17. Good job removing comments

  18. Saad is a single issue troll who laughably fails to make his rigid reactionary world view relevant to anyone but a handful of far right dellusionists. He starts from the point Islam bad ! Then just works his way through fellating anyone who agrees with him on that point no matter how insane or stupid they are.